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             My name is John Borja and I am the owner of John Carlos Borja Productions. I started my career as an elementary school teacher ten years ago, but have had a passion for Cinematography and Photography long before.

            Over the past several years, I have been involved in all aspects of Cinematography. I have created projects for many special events including weddings, birthdays, retirements and even a documentary about a school raising money for cancer . Each one of these projects has given me valuable experience which I use daily to make all of my projects special and unique. I always make sure that every project is carefully developed from imaginative idea to inspirational product.    

            Recently, I have become equally interested in photography.  Though “professional” Photography is new to me, I have completed many projects this past year with great success and wonderful feedback. I am intrigued by the similarities between Photography and Cinematography. Especially the way in which photographers have the ability to capture a single inspirational moment in time.

            My goal as a Cinematographer/Photographer is to capture and preserve every moment in order to retell a story that has an emotional impact on the viewer. I have a passion for teaching, but I love being behind the camera because I just can’t help but be inspired.
                                                                                      ~ John Carlos Borja
John Carlos Borja

 /  Teacher  / 
/  Cinematographer  /
/  Photographer  / 

Favorite Camera:
Photo:   Canon 5D
Cine:   Canon 5D Mark II / HVX200

Favorite Subjects:
Family and children

Personal Motto:
Always tell the truth...

Imagine    ~    Create    ~    Inspire